Droitwich Florist

Flowers Of Elegance, floral design by Sue Allen Flowers Of Elegance Dreoitwich Spa

Our Flowers

Everyday our aim is to create stunning bespoke bouquets and arrangements using the freshest flowers and foliage from our variety of suppliers both in the UK and further afield. 

Our signature bouquets come with a bountiful mixture of flowers and greenery and are finished with recyclable kraft paper and raffia. We take pride in wrapping our flowers in biodegradeable materials, however we can include cellophane upon request. 

In our shop we also offer a variety of indoor and outdoor plants, small trees as well as succulents and cacti. As well as our own dried flowers on order and seasonal sundries. 

Our bouquet prices start from £25 for collection and £30 for delivery, we often deliver both morning and afternoon but cannot make guarantees on times on our standard delivery

Standard delivery starts from £5 
Guaranteed timed delivery starts from £10 and is available on orders above £40 

We never use stock images to represent us or our flowers, all photos shown on our website include products made by us and no one else