It's Valentines!

Valentines is upon us once again, the holiday dedicated to celebrating the love between yourself and your significant other 
We are delighted to say that the prices of flowers for Valentines, whilst steep as ever, have not risen particularly from last year, which is a relief because it feels like everything is going up these days 
As always we will be offering a variety of flower options from our Droitwich florist shop, with a particular focus on red roses and red/pink tones 
Here is a little guide to our main offerings, and our thoughts on them: 
Droitwich Florist Choice of flowers bouquet
The Valentines version of our Droitwich Spa florist choice bouquet contains a mixture of tones and blooms including a scattering of red roses, starting from £40 
Best Traditional: Red Rose Bouquet 
 If you want to keep it traditional we recommend our Red Rose Bouquet, it is available with either Explorer roses or Red Naomi (pictured) and comes in 6, 12, or 24 roses 
Best Impact: Red and Pink Mix or Chaddesley 
Red and Pink valentines bouquet
If you are looking for wow factor with scale, and want to have a heavy dose of red roses as a focus too, the chaddesley (mostly roses) or red and pink mix are the best choices for you
Best Fragrance: Little Luxury
With syringa (Lilac), Ginster (broom), and garden roses, this sweet little posy smells divine. Small, but very mighty
Best First Valentines: Red Rose & Spring Flower Little Luxury
Red and pink compact valentines bouquet
Like our original little luxury, this bouquet is not as large as some of our bouquets but it is absolutely brimming with lovely blooms. Perfect if you want something understated and not too intense, but incredibly memorable 
Best without red: Himbleton 
Our year round best seller, our Himbleton bouquet contains a variety of cottage garden favourites in pink and purple tones. Perfect if your special person is not particularly fussed for red