On your most special day, flowers are a wonderful way to express your personality and individuality as a couple. Flowers are also one of the few key elements which remain within your photographs and memories after your wedding! 

It is our pleasure to help our couples create the most beautiful weddings imaginable

Within our bespoke wedding design service, every detail is considered; from the choices of flowers and theme, down to the colour and shape of the pins in your bouquet, to where and when your flowers will be delivered.

So on your big day; you can be confident that everything will be perfect.

Our experienced team has worked across the length and breadth of the country, delivering flowers to weddings in St Ives to Edinburgh, and with a vast knowledge of flowers and plants can advise you of what is best in a season as well as curate flowers to compliment your colour scheme and wedding theme 

Whilst we provide wedding flowers for any budget and size, if your intended spend is below the £1000 threshold economy of scale from our suppliers will not apply. We recommend visiting us for a consultation around 3 months before your wedding date for the best price 

Larger weddings can be consulted on up to 2 years in advance, dates can be reserved for a non-refundable deposit, on any size of wedding, at any time

We understand that for many couples this may be the first time purchasing flowers for the purpose of decorating an event and therefore it can be difficult to gauge what sort of costs you can expect, whilst our prices are specific to each individual wedding and can only be quoted after consultation, we have created a small guide found here to help illustrate our mimimum prices on items most frequently ordered at weddings 

If you would like to arrange a consultation with us you can either call us on 01905 798888, email us at or pop into our shop where our team will be able to either take a consultation there and then, or arrange for another time